Stanley Brothers
Earliest Recordings
The Complete Rich-R-Tone 78s (1947-1952)

Released: 1997
Contents: 1xCD or 1xLP
Revenant No. 203

For a truly haunted high-lonesome sound, the duo of Ralph and Carter Stanley stands alone in bluegrass. This collection features their earliest recordings, beginning in 1947 for the Rich-R-Tone label, and presents the duo at their rawest and most unbridled.

To purchase:

“Collects 14 ancient sides by these protean explorers of the hot, sad art of bluegrass, complete with an extremely well-researched book that appeals to the Greil Marcus inside us all.” - Spin

“5 Stars. Along with the Dock Boggs set, one of two absolutely stunning early country collections from Revenant.” – Downbeat

“This is the first time these titles have appeared on CD, and the first time without technical tampering of any kind. The improvement in remastering technology over the past three decades is truly remarkable. As never before we now are hearing these songs in all their exquisite beauty, just as they were originally sung and played. The enclosed booklet, with period photographs, text, and discography written by Gary Reid, makes an already wonderful reissue all the more enjoyable.This is pure, unadulterated, way-up-the-creek high-lonesome bluegrass‚ the lonesomest you are ever going to hear in this life. This set should be required listening – again and again – especially for those just getting started who think they already can sing bluegrass.” – Bluegrass Unlimited

Track Listing
Disc 1
  1. Molly and Tenbrook (listen)
  2. The Rambler’s Blues
  3. Mother No Longer Awaits Me At Home
  4. The Girl Behind The Bar
  5. Little Maggie
  6. The Little Glass of Wine (listen)
  7. Our Darling’s Gone
  8. The Jealous Lover
  9. I Can Tell You The Time
  10. Little Birdie
  11. Little Glass of Wine (Alt. Version)
  12. Death Is Only A Dream
  13. Little Girl And The Dreadful Snake
  14. Are You Waiting Just For Me?