Jim O’Rourke
Happy Days

Released: 1997
Contents: 1xCD
Revenant No. 101

Jim O’Rourke is a rarity: a genuine bridge between the avant-garde and the underground. From his production work (Smog, Wilco, Faust) to his own freewheeling excursions as a solo performer and member of outfits like Gastr del Sol and Sonic Youth, his work continues to bring the out there in here. Happy Days pits a lone guitar against a phalanx of hurdy-gurdies, a decided shift away from the composer’s electronic-based work. A roiling hornet’s nest of activity that Forced Exposure called “1997’s most explosive piece of music.”

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“Acoustic instruments are played and layered by multi-tracking them. The result is an almost electronic work. This goes for much of Niblock’s work as for Happy Days. Beautiful, intense droning music.” – Vital

“1997’s most explosive piece of music.” - Forced Exposure

Track Listing
Disc 1
  1. Happy Days (listen)