Dock Boggs
Country Blues

Released: 1998
Contents: 1xCD or 1xLP
Revenant No. 205

Dock Boggs was a singer and banjo player who sounded as if his bones were coming through his skin every time he opened his mouth. In the mountains of eastern Kentucky/western Virginia in the 1920s he forged a highly personal music of such singular intensity it retains the power to shock seventy plus years after it was recorded.

64 pages of text and rare photos. Over 60 minutes of music, including Boggs’s 12 original 1927 and 1929 released recordings, 5 never-before-issued 1929 outtakes, and 4 1920s cuts by Boggs’s Kentucky compatriots Bill and Hayes Shepherd.

“Country music at its most raw-boned and intense. Superb.” – Gary Giddins

“5 Stars. Absolutely stunning” – Downbeat

“…packaged in a gorgeous 64-page hardcover book featuring rare photos and essays by Greil Marcus and Charles Wolfe. Boggs recently was included in the essential Smithsonian/Folkways Anthology of American Folk Music and the excitement around this stupendous release couldn’t be more fever-pitched.” – Sing Out!

“Boggs set down a handful of performances so strangely demanding as to lead a listener to measure what he or she knew of the American voice–any emblematic American voice, Huck Finn’s, Robert Johnson’s, Franklin Roosevelt’s, Barbara Jordan’s–against Boggs’s, to see if what one knew could pass his test. He created a small body of work so dissonant that like black gravity it can seem to suck into itself whatever music might be brought to bear upon it.” – Greil Marcus

Track Listing
Disc 1
  1. Sugar Baby (listen)
  2. Down South Blues
  3. Country Blues (listen)
  4. Sammie, Where Have You Been So Long?
  5. Danville Girl
  6. Pretty Polly
  7. New Prisoner’s Song
  8. Hard Luck Blues
  9. Lost Love Blues
  10. Will Sweethearts Know Each Other There?
  11. Old Rub Alcohol Blues
  12. False Hearted Lover’s Blues
  13. Peddler And His Wife, (Hayes Shepherd)
  14. Hard For To Love, (Hayes Shepherd)
  15. Bound Steel Blues, (Bill Shepherd)
  16. Aunt Jane Blues, (Bill Shepherd)