Derek Bailey
Music And Dance

Released: 1997
Contents: 1xCD or 1xLP
Revenant No. 201

British guitarist Derek Bailey has plied his wholly original brand of free improvisation for over three decades. These live recordings of Bailey’s 1980 ‘accompaniment’ to Japanese dancer Min Tanaka, previously available only on a privately-released cassette, amply document Bailey’s command of a highly individualized atonal language. “Rain Dance” is the work of a remarkable ensemble: Bailey’s ringing tones, Tanaka’s percussive movements, rumbling thunder, a downpour, and the patter of rain dripping from a leaky roof. “Saturday Dance” chimes and burns; a concentrated assault equaling the incendiary “Incus Taps.”

“Transcendent” – The Wire magazine

Track Listing
Disc 1
  1. Rain Dance, (27:35) (listen)
  2. Saturday Dance, (26:12)