Charlie Feathers
Get With It
Essential Recordings (1954-69)

Released: 1998
Contents: 2xCD or 3xLP
Revenant No. 209

Charlie Feathers: No other performer scaled such heights in both primeval rockabilly and keening hillbilly country. Presley? Nary a hillbilly wail in sight; Feathers’ adenoidal whine could strip paint off walls. Here are all his Sun, Flip, King, Meteor, Kay, Walmay and Holiday Inn sides plus rare, unissued tracks including Sun demos, alternate takes and early home recordings with the likes of Junior Kimbrough. 2 discs, 42 tracks, and a 48 page photo-packed book with notes by Jim Dickinson, Colin Escott, Peter Guralnick and Nick Tosches.

“Nothing short of amazing.” – Billboard

“Revelatory, making a persuasive case for his unjustly obscure genius.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Charlie Feathers is the main reason there is and was Sun Records. I will always be a Charlie Feathers fan.” – Johnny Cash

“He was a damn talent. He could have been the George Jones of his day–a superb stylist.” – Sam Phillips

“Something about Memphis in the ’50s allowed for the unexpected marriage of country and blues, bluegrass and R&B, and the spirit of that time and place is captured in Feathers’ music as powerfully as anywhere else.” – The Onion

“Some tough goddamn stuff, baby. Damn sure is!” – Charlie Feathers

Track Listing
Disc 1
  1. I’ve Been Deceived
  2. Peepin’ Eyes
  3. Someday You Will Pay
  4. Defrost Your Heart
  5. Wedding Gown of White
  6. Get With It (listen)
  7. Tongue Tied Jill
  8. One Hand Loose (listen)
  9. Can’t Hardly Stand It
  10. Bottle to the Baby
  11. Everybody’s Lovin’ My Baby
  12. Too Much Alike
  13. When You Come Around
  14. When You Decide
  15. Nobody’s Woman
  16. Jungle Fever
  17. Why Don’t You
  18. Dinky John
  19. South of Chicago
  20. Nobody’s Darlin’
  21. Deep Elm Blues
Disc 2
  1. Runnin’ Around
  2. So Ashamed
  3. Honky Tonk Kind
  4. Frankie & Johnny
  5. Corrinne, Corrina
  6. We’re Getting Close to Being Apart
  7. The Man in Love
  8. Johnny Come Listen (listen)
  9. Talkin ‘Bout Lovin’
  10. Early in the Morning
  11. Don’t Let Me Cross Over
  12. Where’s She At Tonight
  13. Don’t You Know
  14. Wild Side of Life
  15. Release Me
  16. Feel Good Again
  17. Defrost Your Heart
  18. I’ve Been Deceived
  19. Bottle to the Baby
  20. Bottle to the Baby
  21. Bottle to the Baby