Blue Roots

Released: 1997
Contents: 1xCD
Revenant No. 204

From his days as a founding member of Ohio’s legendary Gibson Bros. through his guitar-n-drum trawls with Bassholes, Don Howland has consistently hewn closer to music’s great primordial gloop than anyone since vintage Hasil Adkins. Originally released in 1992 on In The Red, Blue Roots is Howland at his most elemental.

“Oh, baby, how this rocks!” – The Wire magazine

Track Listing
Disc 1
  1. Judge Harsh Blues (listen)
  2. Nakema
  3. I Can Tell by the Way You Smell
  4. It’s So Easy
  5. Light Bulb Boogie (listen)
  6. Stack O’ Lee and Billy Lyons
  7. Bald-Headed Woman Blues
  8. Sleepyman Blues
  9. Cigarette Blues
  10. Missing Linkster
  11. Candyman Blues
  12. Titanic Blues
  13. Love Cry Blues